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Green Beauty: ALL THE NUDES lipsticks

I've had so much fun doing this giveaway! Thanks so much for the response and excitement :) I've got the prizes ready to go, and a random winner will be selected on Monday. I will post the results on Twitter, and also be sure to check back on the giveaway post to see the winner's name posted on the rafflecopter widget. THANK YOU GUYS! I'll definitely look into doing more in the future...

Comparison posts of well-known, similar products are some of my favourite to read and enjoy. Check out my red lip products and pink blush comparison posts if you love them too! I often want to know the exact shade of that RMS Beauty lip product versus the less expensive, Etsy version. One downside of greener products, as many pointed out in the Going Green Tag, is their lack of availability in brick-and-mortar stores. More than anyone, we rely on online swatches and blog posts. The internet is inundated with swatches, but pictures are still few and far between in the natural world. Today, I'm here on the frontline to present a comparison of arguably the most well-known, and some lesser-known, nude shaded lipsticks and products to let you see how they stack up. The cost of green products can often be an investment, so it's necessary to know you're making the perfect purchase for your tastes. Though thankfully, many online stores have excellent return policies if a product will not work for you once you see it in-person.

My addiction to lip products has been well documented on this blog, and I hope it's to your benefit as we delve into these enviable lipsticks and glosses. I'm a sucker for a nude lip! They are an almost fail-proof addition to makeup and often fall into that irresistible "My-lips-but-better," category. Let's take a look at my favourites...

Ilia Beauty Lip Conditioner in Nobody's Baby - The shade of this and the following product are super similar. The Ilia is a more buildable product - you can enjoy one swipe with a hint of colour or layer it on for increased opacity. It's finish is less glossy - it's the perfect balance between dewy and matte. The formulation is less goopy and shiny, and it comes in a tube which many prefer. I knew this product would live constantly in my handbag before its purchase, and I was right. It's the lipstick you can reach for without much thought and know it will look good and appropriate. It's nude with a hint of pink rather than peach which is my preference. Basically, I dare you to go wrong with this nude. It's impossible.

RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Bloom - As mentioned above, the shades are nearly dupes! This product has a glossy finish as its namesake infers. It's also more opaque and requires less layers during application than Nobody's Baby. If you enjoy a pot - you will love this! The formulation is more moisturizing than Ilia's, and this little pot is also easy to pop into your makeup bag and apply throughout the day with ease. The two have roughly the same wear-time. I would estimate about a couple hours before you'll want to reapply. Both products are extremely high-quality and lean pink. They are my favourite shade of nude - universally flattering and the perfect addition for any natural, spring look.

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Dream State - This is the sheerest of the three, but it is also ironically the longest wearing. I have to dig my finger/brush into the product in order to get enough to apply noticeable colour. Kjaer Weis lip products apply much better with a brush than mere finger application in my opinion. The formulation of Kjaer Weis is my favourite of the three high-end brands. It is the most moisturizing without being goopy. This nude leans more peach, and I favour it more for going out when I'm rocking a smoky eye look. If you like your nudes peach, then you will love this!

Silk Naturals Vegan Lipstick in Lois - This swatch comes off as surprisingly pink! Both silk naturals lipsticks are incredibly pigmented and moisturizing. In addition, they both retail for under five dollars. In comparison to the price tag of the other products, that's pretty darn exciting. Lois has been in my favourites a couple times at least and for good reason. I love this product! It's probably my most-used in conjunction with Nobody's Baby. It's slightly more pink than the Ilia, and it is so flattering without being overpowering. My favourite aspect about nudes is the ease of application - I don't need a mirror in fear I will finish my application looking like The Joker. This shade is dye-free. If you haven't investigated Silk Naturals yet, I highly recommend it. They make affordable, good quality makeup and often dupe popular, conventional releases. Check out their Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupes here. If nothing else, pick up this product!

Silk Naturals Slick Stick in St. Tropez - I purchased this shade after a recommendation from one of my faves Brianna from iluvjesse444 on youtube. It's the darkest/brownest shade of the bunch although it still leans pink. For my pale, winter skin this is slightly too dark if I apply it with a heavy hand. I love the formulation and think I'll reach for it more during summer when I've got a tan! If you like darker nudes, this one is for you!

Brija Cosmetics Lip Glass in Nude Morning - I'm going to be doing a post on Brija Cosmetics (the brainchild of iluvjesse444) soon because I love them. A lot. This nude gloss came with the brand new Glamour-To-Go collection which is amazing. This gloss is sheer, flattering, and minty. It's perfect on its own or to top off any of the above lipsticks. Brianna is doing big things!

Left to right: Nude Morning, Nobody's Baby, Bloom, Lois, St. Tropez, and Dream State

Aaand to totally throw off the theme of this's a photo and swatch of a recent, cheeky purchase of mine.

Ilia Beauty Lip Conditioner in JUMP! The opposite of nude, but the perfect bright shade for spring and summer. It's described as a magenta with blue undertones, and I'm loving it. Definitely expect a reappearance in my April Favourites.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!!! Again, THANK YOU for your response to and participation in my GIVEAWAY. See you on Monday to announce the WINNER!

See any of your favourite nudes in this post??? If not, what's your HG nude lipstick?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Green Beauty: favourites for achieving a spring flush & MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!

It feels so good to post again! This month has been completely mental. I'm graduating in less than a month, teaching high school, and taking a slew of exams in conjunction with interviewing for teaching positions next year. Eek! It is a busy but exciting time :) I've so been missing having time to get online and write - I feel inspired by spring and have many ideas for posts. Also, at the end of this post, I'm having my first giveaway ever!!! It will feature some of my favourite skin-clearing skincare from the springtime clear, glowing skin post since it received such a positive response. I'm so excited to share a giveaway with all of you and to try something new and exciting. I've been wanting to do this ever since I reached 500 followers on Twitter which was an big milestone for me, so it's also my way of saying thank you :)

Hope the weather is finally improving wherever you are. Even if it's not, I'm sharing my favourite blush products to achieve that enviable, vivacious flush to your cheeks. A pop of pink can brighten the grayest, rainiest, and coolest of days.

Pure + Simple Blush in Soleil - It appears orange toned and even bronzy, but it comes off bright and gorgeous on the skin. It's like a peach, pink, and coral shade - super brightening and flattering. I'm wearing it in my Valentine's Day Tutorial, and it's been a favourite of mine for many months. It's matte and a perfect spring/summer shade. Plus, who doesn't love a natural pressed blush?

Pure + Simple Blush in Glow - Clearly this company is a favourite of mine. This colour is the perfect dupe for Nars Orgasm. It's pink with a hint of peach and subtle shimmer. I've been wearing it this entire week to great success now that spring is in full swing. Both of these blushes have fantastic opacity and are stupidly simple to apply. They have never irritated my skin in any way, and my cheeks can be finicky.

100% Pure Pot Rouge in Posey - This electric pink is bright, super pigmented, and packs a punch. Like most products that look intimidatingly bright in the jar, this stuff looks fresh and natural on the cheeks. I was most impressed with the pigmentation - I barely press a finger into the product, and it comes up looking exactly as pictured. It is a universally flattering, girly shade of pink that's perfect for the season.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Lovely - This product looks muted when nestled inside its exquisite compact, but don't judge a blush by its cover. This stuff is a fresh, vivacious, and universally flattering shade of pink that I adore - it creates a true flush. I shouldn't be surprised, I mean, it is Kjaer Weis. It's the perfect product to grab when I'm pressed for time and want something easy to apply that will work with anything. In addition, it's one of the only cream products that doesn't wear off throughout the day, look greasy, or irritate my skin/cause breakouts.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Just Kissed - Phew, that name is a mouthful. This product is unique and dual purpose. Although I suppose all the cream products featured today can double as a lip colour. This creamy stick applies to develop into the most flattering shade of pink for your tone of lips or cheeks. Again, it's another swipe and go product. The finish is more glossy than the Kjaer Weis, and the shade is more bubblegum pink. I love it for cheeks or lips! It's fun and flirty.

Blush is my go-to product for instantly and effortlessly brightening up the complexion. My favourite makeup look for spring is curled lashes, mascara, some highlighter, and blush! Did I mention any of your favourites? What's your go-to makeup look for the transition to warmer weather?

Now onto the...GIVEAWAY!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favourite thing about spring, follow me on Twitter if you don't already, and tweet a message about this giveaway all through the rafflecopter widget below! And if you get the hankering to follow me on bloglovin' while you're at it, I mean, I wouldn't complain...It will be open for the next week until I choose a winner Monday April  21 :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you readers! Hopefully I will be back with another post soon despite my hectic schedule and Happy Giveaway!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Green Beauty: my fave products for clear, glowing spring skin!

I love the spring. It's here guys! I know, in some still feels like the dead of winter. But winter will end! Sometime! For me, springtime means freshness, newness, and bright, glowing skin. My first tool for beautiful, healthy skin is in my kitchen - food! Without it, it's difficult to achieve optimal skin health unless you inherited some pretty awesome genes.

Yet, even with the nutrition aspect in line, our skin can still need a little extra help. Because, I mean, whose doesn't? That's where a great skin routine comes in. Check out my skincare morning and night routine posts here! I apply skin clearing treatments to my skin in the morning and at night, but sometimes it requires an even stronger product. Today, I wanted to talk about my favourite "treatment," products for maintaining clear skin and combatting blemishes.

There are a lot of staples I incorporate into my routine on a daily basis to keep my skin clear like honey and clay. I highlight recommend adopting honey (especially Manuka) if you're having acne issues. Also check out resources like The Love Vitamin and Clear Skin Forever. They have great tips on keeping skin clear naturally.

1. Skin Clearing Serums

Blissoma Solutions Smooth A+ Perfecting Serum - I've raved about this before, and I'll do it again. Even nomoredirtylooks has jumped on the bandwagon and recently posted about the awesomeness of this product. It smells delicious, it's gentle, and it works at keeping skin smooth, clear, and fading old scars. I apply it every other night and absolutely love it.

ISUN Clarifying Serum - I absolutely love this stuff! I'd been using the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel for years, but heard about this product with more "active" ingredients from a nomoredirtylooks morning routine and had to give it a go. I'm so glad I did. At first, I wasn't sure this did anything, but I stuck with it and magic happened. I truly believe it contributes to keeping my skin happy. It has a ton of active essential oils as you can see, but it isn't harsh or drying for my skin. And no tea tree! My skin really dislikes tea tree oil for some strange reason as it's a godsend for so many other people. If your skin dislikes tea tree, but you suffer from breakouts you've got to try this! It is so so so great. Or, just try it in general if you haven't found that "miracle" breakout buster product. I want to try their clarifying mask next!

2. Spot Treatments

Indigo Wild Zum Rub in Frankincense & Myrrh - Coconut oil? Beeswax? Two things I continually read to avoid if you have breakout prone skin? How, can this stuff work? Especially for me, the girl who can't oil cleanse or even using jojoba oil without a breakout. I was the biggest of skeptics when I read Kimberly Loc rave about this spot treatment. Here's the link to her review. During a particularly rough skin patch, however, I was willing to try anything. This rub is cheap, it's available at Whole Foods, and by some freakish force of nature it actually works. And since it's chock full of moisturizing ingredients, it doesn't irritate/leave the area dry, red, or chapped while still zapping the blemish. I am still baffled as to the efficacy of this stuff. I think the product works by quickly bringing the breakout to the surface and speeding up its life cycle. All I know is I love it.

Indie Lee Blemish Lotion - This is a relatively new purchase for me, but I'm so impressed by it. It's reminiscent of other, dirty spot treatments, and it smells like rotten eggs thanks to the sulfur. This is something you use overnight as a spot treatment. It was my birthday this past week, and I've been indulging in atypical (albeit delicious) food. My skin is showing the effects. It's so sensitive! It immediately reflects everything going on in my body. Oh well, I guess I just have a very finely tuned "alarm," system. Anyways, I had a couple stubborn breakouts that I wanted to quash before I start my second student teaching placement tomorrow, and this has been my spot treatment of choice. It's so great! It shrinks the blemish (almost disappeared) and reduces inflammation and redness. It does exactly what I wanted/expected it to do. I highly recommend trying it if you're too frightened by the coconut oil and beeswax in the zum rub, or if you want a really fabulous spot treatment. It feels like something conventional, but it's clean. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I feel like I've managed to compile a list of truly effective products. After going natural, I struggled for a long time finding a skincare routine that worked harmoniously with my body. There were years of trial and error and many dollars spent. I feel confident recommending these products to all of you. I hope you can end your search here if you are in the same boat that I once was. Yet remember, you can have all the products in the world, but they won't make a true difference unless you change your diet/lifestyle. Fill your meals with whole foods and lots of vegetables and fruits! Kicking dairy (except for some grassfed yogurt), added sugar, gluten, and vegetable oils to the curb drastically improved the clarity of my skin. In the first picture, you can see a big 'ole stack of books - I highly recommend the one of top, the newly released Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart. Another great starting point to tailoring your diet to best meet the needs of your skin. 

I wish spring upon all of my readers! Get some sunshine and get glowin' :) Have you tried any of these products? What are your HGs for achieving the elusive clear skin?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Green Health: DIY toothpaste "earthpaste"

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's one of my favourite holidays. Not only is it near my birthday, but it's all about my favourite colour! I hope you're all sporting your green gear today ;)

This easy DIY toothpaste tastes just like bubblegum. Yum. And there's no sugar, fluoride, soap, or any other undesired ingredient. I was using a DIY toothpaste made with baking soda for the longest, but recent articles about oral hygiene made me want to veer in the clay route in lieu of baking soda. I've heard baking soda can be too abrasive on teeth. In addition, I've read a lot of raves about Earthpaste from a myriad of bloggers, but also that it runs out quickly and is relatively expensive. This recipe popped up on my Facebook feed and voila. I ordered the ingredients I didn't have on hand (bentonite clay fit for human consumption and the doTerra oil) and whipped this up in under ten minutes. I have ample ingredients left to create several more batches :)

I used this DIY Remineralizing Toothpaste recipe from the The Paleo Mama blog. Check out her post for more in-depth instructions. I had to substitute liquid stevia for the actual plant. I drew the line at having to go out and purchase a stevia plant when I had plenty of the stuff in a different form at home.


1/3 cup bentonite clay
1/4 cup boiling water
1 T melted coconut oil
1/4 t real salt
1/4 t liquid stevia
15 drops doTerra OnGuard essential oil
10 drops (I did 1/4 t) peppermint oil (the food grade kind)

Step 1: Boil water in a kettle. While it's boiling, combine your clay and melted coconut oil. Then add the boiled water. I had to add more than 1/4 cup to get the mixture more viscous and not quite so crumbly. I also didn't mix it with an immersion blender, but used a fork. Because I'm lazy like that. I still think I achieved adequate mixture of the ingredients. The mixture is really quite thick as you can see. A true "paste."

Behold me testing out the texture warily...

Step 2: Add the rest of the ingredients! I dissolved the salt with a bit more boiling water, added the 1/4 t of liquid stevia, and the oils. It made the whole thing slightly more viscous and smelled delicious. You can still see how paste-like it is. It's great at adhering to a toothbrush!

The finished product tastes like cinnamon, stevia, and mint or alternatively like bubblegum to my tastebuds. The texture is far less grainy/abrasive than my other DIY which I really like. It also leaves my mouth feeling slick and clean which is pretty important for a toothpaste. It has far less of an aftertaste than the other DIY too! I've never tried earthpaste, so I cannot comment on how this compares, but I definitely like it. Redmund is the brand of the clay I used, and incidentally the brand that makes earthpaste. It's super easy and good for you! Plus, I just love DIY-ing in general, and I've been meaning to try this one forever.

Alright, now to prepare myself for a night filled with St. Patrick's Day debauchery. Have you guys tried Earthpaste? Are you interested in this DIY?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Green Beauty: rms beauty "un" cover-up review

It's spring break! Officially! I have the whole week to fill out applications and visit schools. And turn twenty-five. It should be pretty sweet. Or scary?

Either way, it's time for a review. I've been using RMS Beauty's "Un" Cover-Up for a good while now, and I feel ready to recommend it to all of you. This product has earned its star reputation.

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Oh yeah, this stuff is pure.

PACKAGING: Sophisticated, frosted glass jar. I love the packaging of all of her products. They are clean and chic.

Left to right: 22 and 11

COLOUR: I couldn't decide on the perfect shade, so I ended up picking up both 11 and 22. I thought you'd like seeing a color comparison. I know I was going back-and-forth between the two shades, and there's such a lack of swatches/pictures online for natural products. Hopefully this will help you choose if you're in the same predicament!

I've been using 11 during the winter months, and it's a good match and brightening. They are both very yellow-based which I like and feel cancels out dark/uneven skin tone well. These concealers/foundations are incredibly pigmented. A mere light swipe of the finger deposits more than enough product to adequately conceal. I think I'll switch to 22 during the summer months once I've gotten my tan on. They've added a wider variety of shades in recent years. Now, there are options for fairer and darker skin tones.

TEXTURE: Creamy and oily if that makes sense...mostly creamy. It is so easy to spread and apply. I love that it doesn't tug on my delicate eye area, and it's moisturizing. The texture of this product makes me feel like I'm not only applying a concealer, but an extra eye balm as well which I love. It's like skincare and makeup in one!

SCENT: None really. If you inhale super strongly, some slight coconut oil scent, but pretty much unscented.

PRICE: $$$ at 36.00 Yep, this one's expensive. Like I mentioned, however, it has crazy amazing pigmentation. I think these pots will last me...well...forever. I've used 11 almost everyday for six months, and there's barely a dent in it!

THOUGHTS: This was one of the last RMS products I tried, and I don't know why I waited for so long. After my Vapour Organics Concealer ran out, this kind of called out to me. Due to the coconut oil, I haven't been daring enough to apply this as a full face foundation though I've heard from many different places that it's a fantastic one. In truth, powder foundations seem to suit my face better, and I worry this may be too dewy for me. If your skin can handle the oils though, I say you go for it! The coverage is absolutely wonderful, and dewy is in and gorgeous. Sometimes, this does crease, especially if you've been heavy handed. But, it is possible to avoid. I always set it with Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar, and it keeps the product smooth all day for me.

VERDICT: GGGG. I will repurchase this! If I ever have to...

Are any of you taking some time off for spring? Can't believe the first day of spring is in less than a week!!! Any of you love the "Un" Cover-Up or have another HG concealer?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Green Beauty: my nighttime routine

Happy March! Can't believe it's March already. We're only twelve days from the official start of spring! And 10 days away from my 25th birthday. It's an exciting time! I'm feeling upbeat, motivated, and excited for this change of seasons.

I posted my morning routine a little while back during #NoBuyJanuary, and I've been meaning to add my night time routine for a while now. Like I've mentioned, I think I've finally found the routine to keep my skin happy. It's taken almost two years to perfect this after going off of hormonal birth control and transitioning fully into natural products for my skin. Blogs, research, and trial and error have finally gotten me to this place. I know it is difficult to breakup with products that kept your skin happy and clear if you're having trouble going more "green." But it is possible. Best of all, you aren't simply treating the symptom with natural products, you are actually solving the problem. For good.

I alternate my routine because I like both honey and clay masks. On "Night A," I'll begin with a honey mask and on "Night B," with a clay one.


May Lindstrom's The Honey Mud (review here) - I combine this with manuka honey and let it sit on my face for at least thirty minutes. Usually more. Like an hour. I feel like it's a waste to use this product as a cleanser and not allow it to sit and work its magic. Especially when you take in the price...I mix it with the manuka to spread out its life and for the added benefits of the manuka. It's a very nice combo.

May Lindstrom's The Clean Dirt - On "Night B," it's time for a clay mask! The one I use most often is definitely this one. I mix one teaspoon of powder with another teaspoon of water, aloe, a hydrosol, and maybe a dash of honey. I mix it in a bowl and apply it to my face with an old foundation brush. It's like May's bowl and brush set on the cheap. Again, I let this sit on my face for at least thirty minutes, but usually more. I also alternate this clay mask with others from Prada Lab and S.W. Basics.

I remove both of my masks with my Pai Organic Muslin Face Cloth review here.


Arcona The Gentle Solution - This has been mentioned in past favourites. I use this after a honey mask to gently "resurface," my skin and even out the tone. Since I use a gentler cleanser beforehand, I like to combine this resurfacer with it.

Blissoma Solutions Smooth A+ Perfecting Serum & DIY Brightener (review here) - I use this on "B Nights," after a clay mask. The serum is more soothing and creamy and not acidic like the Arcona solution, so I like it best in conjunction with the more drying clay mask. I've raved about this serum before, and I still love it. I'm almost done my first bottle and will definitely be repurchasing. I combine it with the DIY Brightening Serum created by Rebecca Bailey of nomoredirtylooks. It's slightly grainy with the DIY brightener, but the brightener has significantly lightened my old acne scars.


May Lindstrom's The Blue Cocoon or Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum - I alternate between applying these moisturizers to my forehead and down my nose according to my fancy. I like both a lot, and they are both very effective. They smell great too! I haven't risked applying them to my "problem areas," like my cheeks/chin yet. Thankfully, those parts of my face don't get dry. My forehead, however, does show it if I'm not moisturizing. These two definitely reduce lines and leave the area more plump.

Blissoma Solutions Bright Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm - I apply this winning combo every night. First, I smear a thick coat of the eye balm all over my lids, especially massaging it into crow's feet territory. Then I put a thin, small drop of the serum over top, focusing on the outer corner of my eyes. I have really noticed a difference in the tone, youthful appearance, and developing lines around my eyes.

There you have it! A working nighttime routine. Any products you swear by overnight? Are you loving the promise of spring?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Green Beauty: silk naturals nude 3 palette

February has been the month of blazing through my wishlist guys. It seems after #NoBuyJanuary my little heart just rebelled. Or maybe it was all of the unexpected sales? Either way, I picked up the Silk Naturals Nude 3 Palette. I'm pretty sure we've all heard of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. They've reached cult status in the beauty world and for good reason, they're the ultimate collection of nude shadows and now they've released three different editions. It's times like these when a natural beauty can feel a bit left out...that is, until a natural company comes around and provides. Behold, a clean, cheaper version of these conventional, toxic palettes.

I chose to go with the rose gold, purple, pink, and brown tones of the third edition which I thought would work the best with my skin tone. It's a balanced combination of shimmery and matte shadows with a large variety of wearable, friendly neutral shades. Hellloooo rose-goldy goodness!!! I also have shadows from the other Nude Palettes, but this was the only collection that swayed me to purchase it in its entirety.

Silk Natural shadows are wonderful if you have yet to try them, plus they are incredibly affordable compared to other natural offerings at only $4.50 a pop. This collection retailed for only $39.99 compared to its conventional counterpart at $52.00. They make up the majority of my shadow collection since going natural. The only way I could love them more? If they offered pressed versions. As it is, the pigmentation is great and they have a massive colour variety. They're smooth and their similarity to the Urban Decay shadows is uncanny!

Let's take a look at the ingredients, just for fun, shall we? The Silk Naturals website helpfully provides a comparison.

Silk Naturals Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Myristate, Magnesium Stearate, Boron Nitride, Silica Also contains : Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide 

Original Urban Decay Ingredients:  Talc, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, PTFE (Teflon- polytetrafluoroethylene), Zinc Stearate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Ethylene/Acrylic Acid Copolymer. 

All of the Silk Naturals ingredients fall below a 1 or less on the EWG Skin Deep Database. Let's just say, I am extremely happy I can opt out of applying Urban Decay products to my eyes on a daily basis. It's so great that Silk Naturals has created this collection which gives us the option to avoid unhealthy products, but  not have to sacrifice participating in current beauty releases and hype.

Cache, Strange, Tweak, Analog, Impact, Torrent, Parallel, Virtual, Drive, History, Link, Portal
My ultimate favourites from the collection are Cache, Virtual, and History, but all of the colours are gorgeous. Now, I don't have to feel out of the loop when a Naked palette is released! I can participate and indulge in all those Naked 3 Makeup Tutorials on youtube to my heart's content with a cleaner, greener alternative. It's a good feeling :)

Anyone else a big fan of Silk Naturals? I've seen them mentioned loads of times by fellow bloggers. In addition to eye shadows, they've got an impressive and affordable range of lip products that I've raved about on the blog before. Anyone else jumped on their Naked dupe bandwagon? I highly recommend you do!
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