Saturday, July 28, 2012

Green Beauty: vive sana and caribbean solutions sunscreen

Sooo I am finally getting around to reviewing the two sunscreens I am using to protect myself this summer. You better be protecting yourself too! One is high end and the other I would consider more low end and both work very well. First, the infamous Vive Sana Solar to Polar Sunscreen 42 SPF (I have the Baby version, but the two versions are essentially identical)

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Yes! It is 100% natural, not tested on animals, 70% organic and all of that other good stuff you would expect from everything I approve. Only the best of the best make it :)

TEXTURE:  THICK. This stuff does not contain any water. At first, that was a problem for me. It applied almost like a thick, white foundation and left me looking like the Batman's Joker on more than one occasion...that is until I mastered the application.

Since it is so thick I highly recommend thinning the product out with a toner, pure aloe, or any other runny moisturizer/goody you can find. Then it applies and blends like a dream. It also extends the life of the product!

Which is a major bonus because this stuff ain't cheap!

PACKAGING: It's in a tube made out of flexible metal...I am not really quite sure what to call it, but it is the same stuff that all Weleda lotion tubes are made out of. Hey, it's gotta be better than platic!

SCENT: A combination of olive oil and very faint floral. Light and enjoyable.

PRICE: GGG at $39 when I purchased it. That's pretty pricey for 2.25 ounce tube of sunscreen, but as I mentioned above a little goes a long way and I thin the product out when I use it.

GREEN THOUGHTS: Although it took me a while to learn how to make the application of this thick and natural sunscreen work for me I really do enjoy it. It is chock full of beneficial oils and a wonderful alternative to the conventional and icky stuff. It also works at blocking out the sun! This stuff is strong. I have found that many naturals struggle in this department, but Vive Sana compares with its conventional competitors. It also does not make my skin in an oil slick or cause breakouts. It makes a pretty good showing if you ask me.

GREEN VERDICT: GGGG I am sticking with this sunscreen for my sensitive face.

Now onto the Caribbean Solutions sunscreen that I use on my body. 

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Yes. I stumbled upon this stuff in my local health food store after getting fed up with using the Lavera sunscreen I reviewed last summer. It is all natural.

TEXTURE: Same as traditional sunscreen which I love.

This stuff is so freaking easy to apply! Score!

PACKAGING: A plain old plastic bottle with a cute frog on the front.

SCENT: Very floral and refreshing...a cross between hibiscus and cucumber which are both ingredients. I really like it.

PRICE: I'm gonna say 1G at only $14 for a 6 ounce bottle of sunscreen. That stuff (even the conventional crap) is expensive!

GREEN THOUGHTS: I wanted a sunscreen with a texture that would apply easily and quickly; nothing bothers me more than having to spend over thirty minutes just applying the stuff! This fits the bill and continues to perform! Both my boyfriend and I really enjoy it. He even uses it on his face because he, like most men, has perfect skin. I also don't find this leaves a white hue once it is rubbed into the skin.

GREEN VERDICT: GGGG I am definitely repurchasing.

You can find Vive Sana online at spiritybeautylounge and the Caribbean Solutions at Whole Foods or your local health foods store :)

P.s. Have any of you ever heard of or followed the Tone It Up girls? I am getting so into them as well as the Clean Eating Diet by Tosca Reno. #Summershredding !! Also I'm reading some Joel Salatin, you know? That awesome farmer from the movie Food Inc? He is great and I highly recommend anyone interested in going green check his stuff out!

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